File scanning Specialists

FileScan is your specialist offering the following services:

  1. Digital Imaging the complete capture, indexing and conversion of backlog paper files; as well as implementing an ongoing archival imaging strategy specific to our client’s requirements.
  2. Large Format Plan Scanning for the conversion of all large size plans, drawings, etc. up to A0.
  3. OCR Text Conversion we scan your documents, save as an image file and use our commercial OCR engine, convert this image to computer data, thus we save you time and expense in retyping your documents.

Why use FileScan Services?

  • FileScan Services offers solutions for the following:
  • Reduce paper handling
  • Reduced storage costs
  • Provide document output through printing and other methods
  • Improve quality of service of the company
  • Security of documents
  • Shorten the time it takes to get relevant information to the right people
  • Provide for document review and approval
  • Powerful search and retrieval capabilities
  • Scan and convert documents into images
  • Convert scanned images to text through optical character recognition (OCR)
  • Email/Fax documents to those who need them
  • Provide for backup and disaster recovery
  • Provide for the destruction of documents that are no longer needed

A Document Management System evolves along with your company. Some companies choose to get their documents and management system outsourced to a professional Outsource Bureau to gain a competitive edge. This allows the client to be able to focus on its business requirements while the bureau provider FileScan Services utilises its technical expertise and cost cutting measures to meet your requirements efficiently.